Tax Debt Attorney – Providing Innocent Spouse Relief

Tax debt is usually the situation where one is unable to pay the tax on time to the government as legally required by law. Tax resolution is a scheme put in place to minimize or eliminate tax debts. There are many benefits of a tax resolution attorney-in fact, there are so many benefits that it is hard to explain them all here. The reader should get to know these benefits and how they can be of help when you are planning to hire one. If you are looking for skilled tax lawyer, check out Defense Tax Partners website at for guidance and Free Consultation!

Tax Debt Attorney


Tax debt can be eliminated or reduced by getting help from a tax debt attorney. The attorney would look into your case, review all information that is relevant to it, analyze facts that might help in the case, draft a workable plan that will help you, file for back taxes, and get the penalties removed. Some states offer tax debt attorneys for free consultation, while some others charge a minimal fee. The state you live in may even have laws which allow the tax debt attorney to work free of any charges if the case is handed over to him voluntarily.


A tax debt attorney can also represent you in situations when the IRS wants to claw back some money that was illegally taken from you. This is when the IRS demands restitution for its actions. It is common that the agency seeks to recover the penalties from you and ask for stiff fines, interest, and penalties in most cases. But a qualified attorney can fight for your rights and reduce the penalties.


Tax attorneys can also handle issues like the filing of federal tax returns. In this case, the attorney would handle the preparation and filing of the returns, and also negotiate with the IRS for you. There are so many situations when an enrolled agent may be beneficial for you. The tax debt attorney hired by you can be one of these agents, assisting you throughout the process.


One other instance in which the services of tax debt attorneys can be useful is when they help settle tax liens. If you owe money to the IRS for taxes, but do not have the money to pay the amount, an experienced attorney may be able to help you get the money you need through settling tax liens. The attorney would work with collectors to try and recover the bulk of the back taxes, resulting in lighter penalties being paid. This is known as ‘asset liquidation’, and this may be helpful for you. Some states even provide this asset liquidation tax debt help to people who cannot pay the taxes due.


The attorney will be responsible for defending your interests whenever you are involved in a tax debt situation. This will mean that he will have to represent you in situations that involve tax liens, back taxes, or other financial problems. A qualified attorney will ensure that he fully examines all of your options, and will negotiate with the IRS in order to get you the most favorable settlement possible. He will also ensure that he fully examines all of your options, and will work hard on your behalf to get the most attractive settlement. If you are involved in a tax debt situation that you believe may include any of the above mentioned situations, it is important that you look into getting the help of an experienced tax debt attorney immediately.